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Academy Of Management Education’s (AME) roots go back over 20 years, with the business school adapting its current name in 2001. Since then, as one of the longest-established Sri Lankan business schools, we have been inspiring excellence in organizations and individuals across Sri Lanka.

Mohamed Ziyard Tariq, who started CIMA just after his O/L (Ordinary Level) at the age of 16, was able to complete his CIMA journey at the age of 18, which is one of our greatest achievements.

Ziyard started CIMA after his O/L examinations while simultaneously schooling at S. Thomas College for his A/L (Advanced Level) Studies. He says, “Now, I feel really pleased to state that I have completed the final stage - Strategic Level Case Study Examination - of the CIMA Professional Qualification, thereby becoming a CIMA Passed Affiliate at the age of 18, even before completing my GCE Advanced Level examinations.

I would like to thank my tuition provider, 'Academy of Management Education' (AME), located at Mount Lavinia, for all the support and guidance that was given. At AME, we are taught one subject at a time, and we are encouraged to complete the exam before starting the next subject. So, we never had any pending exams. AME’s approach is helpful for me to balance my CIMA studies with my school activities. I would highly recommend AME for anyone pursuing their CIMA studies.

Also, they conducted the lectures in a much more simplified manner, helping me to tackle the logic behind various concepts. The simplified teaching methods by the lecture panel helped me a lot in getting through my exams.”

I would like to take this moment to specifically thank the lecture panel for all the guidance, knowledge, and advice that has helped me become a CIMA Affiliate. Next, I would like to thank my parents for their constant efforts, motivation, guidance, and all the contributions given to me, which helped me towards my accomplishment. And finally, a big thanks to my well-wishers, friends, and relatives.

Thank you for reading; I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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