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Ahamed Abdullah completed CIMA at 19 years

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

"We take chances everyday by walking outside, so why not take a chance in following your dreams?" I took a chance in following my dreams in taking one major step towards success, where after my ordinary level examination with the guidance and support of my parents I decided to start CIMA simultaneously along with my advance levels. Now, I feel really pleased to state that I have passed all my CIMA exams of the CIMA professional qualification, thereby becoming a CIMA passed finalist at the age of 19. What makes this achievement much more special to me is that the ability of being able to achieve this milestone even before my advanced level exams.

Firstly, I would like to thank my parents for always believing in my capabilities and encouraging me to go ahead. Even in my difficult times they believed in me, and they saw my success even before I did. That is one of the major reasons I stand here today with this greater achievement, a big thank you to them first of all.

Also, I would like to give my special thanks to my tuition provider Academy Of Management Education - Mt Lavinia for all the immense support and guidance that was given to me throughout the entire journey. The effective study techniques that were given by them as well as the continuous encouragement they gave helped me a lot in passing my exams, and in achieving this milestone in a very short period.

Even though the covid-19 had a greater impact around the globe for a certain period, it was a tough time for all the people around the globe, but even though despite of the challenged the continuous support the lecturers gave during that time was immense and is highly appreciated.

The live online lectures were done in an interactive manner, which helped me in understanding difficult areas much more easily, which also did not make me take a step back in my career at these challengeable times. Instead despite all these challenges it paved the way for me to achieve success within a such a short period due to the continuous dedication of the lecturers towards the students.

I would like to take this moment to specifically thank my lead lecturer M.M.M. Tariq for all the guidance, support, encouragement, and motivation that he gave throughout my journey in helping me becoming a CIMA Passed Finalist at just 19 years.

I would also like to thank everyone else including my friends, teachers and others who was there with me during my ups and downs being a part of my success.

There have been days when I felt like giving up, but my parents and lecturers always believed in my capabilities, without all of your love, support and encouragements completing CIMA at 19 years wouldn’t have been a reality , but today with all of your love , I stand tall as a CIMA Passed Finalist at 19 . Thank you so much for all of your love and blessings as well as for always being there for me, it means a lot to me, love you all.

Finally a message to the youngsters “There will be challenges coming your way in whatever you do, no matter what , but in every difficult time always remember your aim in life and work towards it , if you get going no one will be able to stop you , success will be yours “ (Ahamed Abdullah)

CIMA Passed Finalist at 19 years, sounds cool right feeling accomplished.

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