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ACCA stage 1 completed within 3 months..

Academy of Management Education’s (AME) roots go back over 20 years with the business school adapting its current name in 2001. Since then as one of the oldest established Sri Lankan business schools, we have been inspiring excellence in organizations and individuals across Sri Lanka.  

Chamath Dharmasiri -who started ACCA at 16 years of age- was able to complete the Stage 1 within 3 months, while studying for his Advance Level Cambridge Examination. This is one of our greatest achievements. Excited about his achievement, Chamath endorsed below;

“As once John F. Kennedy, ex-president of USA said, ‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try’, I am blessed to have a supportive family, a good lecturer, and be surrounded by encouraging friends who push me to try my hardest.

After my Cambridge AS, as soon as I completed my 16 years, with the guidance of my parents, I decided to start ACCA simultaneously with my A/L studies. Now, I feel really pleased to state that I have completed the 1st stage – Applied knowledge Level of ACCA Professional Qualification.

I would like to thank to my tuition provider ‘Academy of Management Education’ located at Mount Lavinia for all the support and guidance that was given. Mr. Tariq helped me to effectively utilize my time while following classes for Cambridge AL- this has now brought me a greater competitive advantage amongst my peers.  Mr. Tariq’s student-friendly approach to teaching the syllabus and facing mock exams that were provided, were extremely useful for me to pass the papers in short period. Since I was a beginner to the field, he had conducted the lectures in a much more simplified manner, helping me to tackle the logic behind various concepts. The simplified teaching methods by him helped me a lot in getting through my papers without any difficulty.

I would like to take this opportunity to specifically thank my lecturer Mr. Tariq for all his guidance, knowledge and timely advice given to me to successfully complete the 1st stage of ACCA in a very short period of time. I also would like to thank my parents for their constant efforts, motivation, guidance and all the contributions given to me which helped me towards my accomplishment. And finally, a big thanks to my sister, well-wishers, friends, and relatives too.”

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