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The CIMA syllabus is split into four levels, and comprises of 16 exams: 13 Objective Tests, and three Case Study exams.

We conduct CIMA classes for all 16 exams.

You can choose to follow:

  1. face-to-face classes at our campus

  2. online & real-time classes

  3. videos at demand (from anywhere at any time as you wish)

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Objective Test (OT)

Students are taught one OT subject at a time (one month duration) and the students are encouraged to complete the exam before they start the next OT subject.

This approach helps students to balance their CIMA study with their school or university activities as well as with their work and family life.

Case study classes (CS)

We start classes two months prior to the examination (Feb & Aug sittings). During the first month core subject areas are revised. During the second month mock exams are offered. The lecture will mark the mock exams and the feedback is given to the student. This will help the student to identify and improve his weak areas before the final examination.

Finance Leadership Program (FLP)

FLP uses the self-study route to assess topics proficiency (OT areas) within each of nine competency areas of the syllabus. Therefore, you need to take the case study exams only.
Our qualified and experienced lectures will guide you to complete all three case study exams within one year. You will be offered mock exams and will be marked, and the feedback will be given to you. This will help the student to identify and improve his/her weak areas before the final case study examination

INTI International University

Some selected programs of the University are offered using the online option.

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